Mandel’s Musings: The Sun is Setting on the Yankees and the Giants

Published on: 23rd September, 2013

Rivera era is ending this week

during Game Five of the American League Championship Series at Yankee Stadium on October 6, 2011 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  | read this item

New York — Yesterday’s events in New York and in North Carolina magnified the reality of what appears to be taking place for two of New York’s biggest sports institutions. The Yankees and the Giants, among the most famous sports teams in the world, are officially in crumbling mode. And both teams appear to be […]

Mandel’s Musings: College Basketball Landscape Will Never Be the Same

Published on: 15th March, 2013

Mandel's Musings: College Basketball Landscape Will Never Be the Same  | read this item

New York –The Big East may not be the league of superstars it used to be but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of putting on a great display of Big East “style” basketball. The grit and the physical nature of this league, dominant elements in every Big East season since it’s inception in 1980, […]

Mandel’s Musings – At MSG’s National Invitational Tournament

Published on: 23rd November, 2012

Mandel's Musings - At MSG's National Invitational Tournament  | read this item

New York — Tonight’s championship game of the National Invitational Season Tip-Off Tournament between Kansas State and Michigan turned into a bit of a blowout as Michigan dominated the game in the second half to win it, 73-55. More interesting than the game, itself was the honoring tonight of three of the legendary players in […]

Mandel’s Musings: WFAN’s Carton Lowers The Media Bar Every Day

Published on: 30th March, 2012

carton esisason
Mandel's Musings: WFAN's Carton Lowers The Media Bar Every Day  | read this item

New York — I don’t make a habit of applying personal attacks on others, unless they are so useless and unaware of their pathetic-ness. Then, I feel a need to use this platform to express my opinion of just how scummy a personna an individual conveys. I don’t personally know this morning dude on WFAN […]

Mandel’s Musings – Summer of Discontent, Baseball Trading Deadline Approaches

Published on: 24th July, 2011

Mandel's Musings - Summer of Discontent, Baseball Trading Deadline Approaches  | read this item

New York — You have to give the commissioners of such multi-billion dollar sports leagues as the NFL and the NBA a lot of credit. David Stern and Roger Goodell, effectively the CEOs of their respective businesses, are screaming about how mismanaged their businesses really are. How they are losing millions of dollars, how they can’t seem […]

Mandel’s Musings – Scott’s Take On the SportScape

Published on: 2nd June, 2011

Mandel's Musings - Scott's Take On the SportScape  | read this item

New York — If Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman thinks he’s done a good job in supplying his manager, Joe Girardi with championship caliber pitching arms, he’s either lost his mind or been climbing up the sides of too many houses in Connecticut with dyed hair and a headband. Cashman didn’t show a whole lot […]

Mandel’s Musings: Mets A Direction-Less Franchise

Published on: 24th September, 2010

Mandel's Musings: Mets A Direction-Less Franchise  | read this item

New York – It’s not by accident that the New York Mets, a franchise initially known as lovable losers when they were born in 1962 and who maintained that losing tack until the Tom Seaver years commenced in 1967, have turned into losers, once again. The difference is, there’s absolutely nothing lovable about this team, […]

Mandel’s Musings – LeBron’s Legacy Changed Forever

Published on: 9th July, 2010

wade and bosh
Mandel's Musings - LeBron's Legacy Changed Forever  | read this item

New York – As a free agent in the National Basketball Association, LeBron James was entitled to make the choice to play for any team he preferred. He had the right to work anywhere for whatever amount of currency he chose to accept in exchange for his great skills on the basketball court. There’s no […]

Mandel’s Musings – Knicks and Nets Have Contrasting Styles and Rosters

Published on: 3rd July, 2010

Mandel's Musings - Knicks and Nets Have Contrasting Styles and Rosters  | read this item

New York – Interesting that the Knicks believe Mike Miller is a suitable alternative for Joe Johnson. Can he shoot? Sure. Can he do anything else on the court? Uh, not really. Will he score a little more in D’Antoni’s system? Who doesn’t? Does anybody believe David Lee, nice player that he is, will go […]

More Musings…..About NFL Draft, MLB

Published on: 26th April, 2010

More Musings.....About NFL Draft, MLB  | read this item

New York — Doesn’t Chipper Jones look like a shell of himself, so far?  The 38-year old (where have all the years gone?) third baseman of the Atlanta Braves has played with the R word (retirement) for a couple of years now. He injured a hip yesterday against the Mets by just swinging the bat. Those are […]

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