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Knicks Free Agents Changing Outlook of A (Still) Miserable Season

Published on: 24th January, 2015

Knicks Free Agents Changing Outlook of A (Still) Miserable Season  | read this item

Langston Galloway earned a second 10-day contract New York — Nobody thinks for a second that the current New York Knicks roster configuration of  nobodies, wannabe’s, hang around’s and Carmelo are going to continue to win games, as they’ve done in their last three outings. But Derek Fisher and his motley crue are threatening to […]

Mandel’s Musings: Give Alex Rodriguez His Day in Court with Full Transparency On Baseball and Horowitz Decision

Published on: 13th January, 2014

Rodriguez hopes to convince Federal Court to stay MLB's suspension  | read this item

New York — Where is the evidence that Alex was a PED user? I repeat, where is the evidence he used PEDs, other than when he admitted to using them in the early part of this millennium? Whether or not we believe he used his entire career or at any other point is completely irrelevant. The […]

Mandel’s Musings: The Debate Over the Name of the Washington Football Team

Published on: 11th September, 2013

Robert Griffin, III, Quarterback of the Redskins  | read this item

Please excuse my ignorance. I wasn’t exactly sure what a Redskin was and what made it a racist term in our new world of political correctness. I know, of course, it’s a word that describes native Americans. I just didn’t have a grasp of why it’s now being talked about as such a vile description […]

Nancy Kerrigan speaks out on ‘horrific’ 1994 attack, dad’s death

Published on: 24th August, 2013

nancy kerrigan
Kerrigan is happy in her life, these days.  | read this item

It’s been nearly 20 years since Nancy Kerrigan was injured in an attack plotted by rival skater Tonya Harding. Since then Kerrigan, now a mother of three, has endured her father’s death and her brother’s incarceration. Kerrigan spoke publicly about the case involving her father and brother for the first time since 2010 in an […]

Top this Johnny Manziel: Deion Sanders Jr., SMU teammates hang out with rapper Lil Wayne

Published on: 24th August, 2013

primetime jr
Top this Johnny Manziel: Deion Sanders Jr., SMU teammates hang out with rapper Lil Wayne  | read this item

From hanging with Drake to kicking it with LeBron James, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had one wild offseason. But he might have some competition. Deion Sanders Jr. (yes, the son of Prime Time) is in his first year at SMU after spending a prep season at Atlanta Sports Academy. Sanders Jr. will line up […]