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It’s Time for Big Boy Baseball for Mets

Published on: 30th August, 2015

Collins hasn't been in pennant race in 20 years  | read this item

Flushing, New York — In case you haven’t noticed, a pennant race has broken out in New York. Shockingly, the National League franchise in this town has entered the fray for the first time since 2007 and Mets fans have taken notice. In front of a sellout crowd at Citifield today, the Mets lost their […]


Despite Pirates Sweep, Mets Pennant Race in Full Swing

Published on: 16th August, 2015

Despite Pirates Sweep, Mets Pennant Race in Full Swing  | read this item

Sure, it was a tough day today for NYC baseball fans. Your darlings from the Bronx and Queens, both  in first place in their respective divisions but holding tenuous leads, went down in defeat to good clubs in Toronto and Pittsburgh. But, guess what, they’re both still in first place, chugging along towards what they […]


Mets Freight Train Sweeps Rockies

Published on: 13th August, 2015

Syndergaard grinded through seven innings to get the win  | read this item

Make no mistake about it. The 2015 New York Mets have morphed into one of the serious contenders for the National League pennant. Before you start convulsing in laughter at such a wild concept, consider this: With today’s 12-3 matinee blowout of the Colorado Rockies at Citifield, the first-place Mets increased their lead over the […]


Streaking Mets Sweep DBacks as Pennant Race Looms

Published on: 12th July, 2015

Streaking Mets Sweep DBacks as Pennant Race Looms  | read this item

New York — As laughable a thought as this might have been just two weeks ago, it’s time to admit what has evolved this summer in Mets land, aka Flushing, Queens. This collection of ragtag rookies, Quadruple-A players, disabled starters, an old manager who’s never won anything at the big league level, a general manager […]


Mets Are Looking Like Pennant Contenders

Published on: 11th July, 2015

Mets Are Looking Like Pennant Contenders  | read this item

New York — Despite all the clamor on sports talk shows and in newspapers for Sandy Alderson and The Wilpons to make the big trade, to sacrifice one or more of the young arms for a professional hitter who preferably plays shortstop or third base or a corner outfield position, the New York Mets are […]


Cubs Sweep Mets at CitiField as NY’s Bats Stay Silent

Published on: 2nd July, 2015

DeForm showed his frustration in Loss to Cubs  | read this item

NEW YORK – The Mets scored a run today. Honest. What, you were expecting more than one? Baby steps, folks, baby steps. Curtis Granderson’s run-scoring double in the bottom of the third snapped a string of 22 consecutive scoreless innings, but it wasn’t nearly enough Thursday afternoon as starting pitcher Jacob deGrom had a rare […]


Niese Gets Another Chance Against Cubs to Raise Trade Appeal

Published on: 30th June, 2015

Nurse pitched well vs. Cubs last night  | read this item

Each start Jon Niese makes for the Mets over these next few weeks can help alter the direction of the Mets season. With the July 31st trading deadline looming, Niese’s performances will provide both himself and the Mets with fodder to either establish a trade market for his services or turn teams off from trying […]


Mets’ Matz Era Gets Underway in Historic Fashion

Published on: 28th June, 2015

Steve Matz walks off to thunderous ovation from Mets fans  | read this item

NEW YORK — The Mets completed a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds today at CitiField and in so doing received a double-shot in the arm for their pitching staff and their atrocious offense. Who knew this burst of positive energy would come from the same player, rookie lefthanded pitcher Steven Matz, who was making his […]


Resilient Mets Developing Special Chemistry

Published on: 14th June, 2015

Resilient Mets Developing Special Chemistry  | read this item

Its not a particular characteristic team management can plan out or predict as they put a roster together each season. But, its as important to team chemistry, winning, and ultimately, winning championships as any other factor. It’s resilience, and its as sought-after a factor as finding players who can throw 97-mph fastballs on the black […]


Mets Dilemma: To Trade or Not to Trade

Published on: 12th June, 2015

Mets Matz Debuts
Granderson continued his hot hitting

Flushing, New York 4/2/14 Curtis Granderson #3 of the New York Mets reacts to striking out to end the 6th inning of a major league baseball game against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field on April 2, 2014(Paul J. Bereswill)  | read this item

New York — If Mets fans had been told before the season their favorite National League team would be in first place on June 15th, they would’ve jumped for joy.  So, here we are in the middle of June as the Mets, sitting one and a half games in front of the second place Washington […]


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