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Knicks Free Agents Changing Outlook of A (Still) Miserable Season

Published on: 24th January, 2015

Knicks Free Agents Changing Outlook of A (Still) Miserable Season  | read this item

Langston Galloway earned a second 10-day contract New York — Nobody thinks for a second that the current New York Knicks roster configuration of  nobodies, wannabe’s, hang around’s and Carmelo are going to continue to win games, as they’ve done in their last three outings. But Derek Fisher and his motley crue are threatening to […]


Watching Another Knicks Loss with Phil Jackson’s Buddy, Charlie Rosen

Published on: 10th January, 2015

Watching Another Knicks Loss with Phil Jackson's Buddy, Charlie Rosen  | read this item

New York — It’s not always an easy thing to watch bad basketball, no matter what level of ball is being played. Covering this year’s New York Knicks has been a continuous exercise in developing a patient point of view towards an organization struggling to find its direction in the NBA for almost 15 years. […]


Knicks Fans Put Paper Bags Over Heads at MSG

Published on: 9th January, 2015

Knicks Fans Put Paper Bags Over Heads at MSG  | read this item

New York–The Knicks and Madison Square Garden reached new levels of ignominy tonight in another losing effort against the visiting Houston Rockets, 120-96, in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the score might indicate. Just to the left of their bench was a row of fans wearing paper bags over their heads. On […]


Mandel’s Musings – St. John’s vs. Villanova at MSG Conjures Images of 30 Years Ago

Published on: 7th January, 2015

*Mar 12 - 00:05*
Jay Wright is building powerhouse

Big East Championship. 2009 BIG EAST Championship: Quarterfinals. Marquette Golden Eagles vs Villanova Wildcats. Villanova Wildcats head coach Jay Wright. Original Filename: _HS27789v9.jpg  | read this item

New York — Watching the St. John’s University men’s basketball team tonight, playing Villanova at Madison Square Garden in a nationally-televised contest between two teams ranked in the top 25 conjured many images, not the least of which was the possible return of kinetic excitement this building used to be known for when basketball was […]


Anthony and his Sore Knee May Get Shut Down For Season

Published on: 3rd January, 2015

Anthony's season could be over soon  | read this item

The New York Knickerbockers continued their downward trend to oblivion tonight with yet, another loss in a season of losing streaks. Tonight , the visiting Detroit Pistons came into Madison Square Garden and dominated the home team in front of a mostly mostly apathetic home crowd that has become numb to what is going on […]


Dreary Knicks Season Continues in Matinee Loss to Wizards

Published on: 25th December, 2014

Dreary Knicks Season Continues in Matinee Loss to Wizards  | read this item

New York – In this historic Knicks Season, one emerging as the absolute worst in the history of this franchise, losses have become as inevitable as wins used to be during the last championship season of 1973, 41 long years ago. Today, in celebration of the spirit of Christmas day, the Knicks gave the visiting […]


Tyson Chandler Dominates Knicks in Return to Garden

Published on: 17th December, 2014

Tyson Chandler Dominates Knicks in Return to Garden  | read this item

New York — Sometimes, change is a good thing for people and for organizational entities. Sometimes, its absolutely imperative, for the better good of all concerned parties. And then, there are other times when change is conducted impetuously, driven not by rational thought but by egocentric motivations which of course, usually leads to just damned […]


Another Game, Another Loss for Fisher/Jackson Regime

Published on: 8th December, 2014

Another Game, Another Loss for Fisher/Jackson Regime  | read this item

The Portland Trailblazers came to Madison Square Garden tonight a confident, athletic team with a core of young stars who’ve been together now for multiple seasons. In other words, they are the opposite of the Knicks. Once again, as has been the pattern in the Knicks recent spate of losses, the game came down to […]


Mandel’s Musings -Knicks Playing for Next Year

Published on: 7th December, 2014

Jackson's first move was trading Chandler  | read this item

If it wasn’t obvious prior to the 2014-15 NBA season that teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons, and the New York Knicks were not going to be competitive, or even try to be, it should have hit home with fans of these teams by now as the NBA season approaches the quarter mark. These […]


Mandel’s Musings – NY Sports – Something is Amiss in the Abyss

Published on: 3rd December, 2014

Mandel's Musings - NY Sports - Something is Amiss in the Abyss  | read this item

What’s going on around here? Am I imagining professional sports in this town is so deeply in the dumps that the city’s nickname will be changed to “New York, New York – a town so great, you have to say it twice – and then realize its’ sports teams all suck.” Catchy, huh? Watching tonight’s […]


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