Mandel’s Musings: Newton Pulls Another “Goofball” Act With Female Beat Reporter in Charlotte

Published on: 5th October, 2017


Cam Newton
Newton put his foot in his mouth, again  | read this item

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Carolina quarterback, Cam Newton, never considered a social or a football genius, made fun of a female beat writer yesterday at his regular Wednesday press conference for asking a “technical” football question about the route a receiver was running. His comment, made from the podium in full view of the local media and the television cameras, was a surprise, here in 2017 by its lack of respect for a working journalist, solely because of her gender.

Some in the media have tried to pooh pooh Newton’s observation as a nothing-burger utterance of a “dumb guy who didn’t commit a crime,” as one male reporter wrote. Newton, in response to a question about a Carolina Panthers receiver from Charlotte Observer beat reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, said, “that’s funny to hear a female asking me about (football) routes” while he laughed and shook his head towards Rodrigue,

Newton may be a good kid (or well-managed by his personal staff to look good) but the 28-year old’s lack of social etiquette, tone deafness, and disrespect of a working journalist, irrespective of gender, is very much a story. Victor Kiam, the former team owner of the New England Patriots, also thought vile, sexist words out of the mouth of his tight end, Zeke Mowatt in 1992 towards a female friend of mine who covered the Patriots back then was also a ” nothing burger.” But it wasn’t.

And neither is Cam Newton’s response.

In this day and age, with the speed at which stupidity travels, Newton’s disrespect for a professional has not only further diminished his “brand,” but,, as the face of his franchise, has hurt the team’s image, as well.

It’s tough on a team, an organization, and a fan base when the team leader, the quarterback, and the public face of a franchise is an ignorant, unsophisticated fool, as Can Newton has repeatedly demonstrated.

If nothing else, It certainly makes it easier to root against Newton. The next time he gets smashed by a linebacker and is lying in the mud struggling to get up, I’m thinking more than a few fans will be snickering, and some will come up with a clever limerick that attempts to rhyme with the words, pass route. Ass lout? Crass doubt? A case of gout?

Of course, it’s now fodder for social media and television shows like Saturday Night Live to take a shot at, further extending this “stupid-burger” non-story.

Newton put his foot in his mouth, again

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