6’8″ James Comey Fired: This Isn’t Sports But Why Ignore The Mess in Washington

Published on: 11th May, 2017


Comey, 6'8" tall, would be a terrific power forward on the FBI basketball team  | read this item

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An open letter to some of the operatives in Washington, D.C. who are in the current employ of the Trump Administration but don’t seem to realize they are actually working for the American people and not for an ideology:


Dear Mr. Vice-President, Mr. White House Counsel, Mr. Press Secretary, Ms. Blonde Spinner of Truths, and anyone else who cares about their legacy and career in the future,

Please pack your stuff and get out of dodge as soon as you can. If you don’t, your name will be stained forever in the annals (and anals) of American history. You will forever be the punchline of late night jokes told by clever comedians (but not Fallon, though, he’s not funny).

You will never be viewed as an asset by any potential future employers, with the possible exception of the Koch Bros., although they seem to be running for the hills, too. Beverly Hills.

You have been touched by the disease of a man who is so far removed from reality, he won’t even be able to have his own reality television show after he leaves Washington. Nobody would believe him any more than we believe the Kardashians, the backwater dudes with the beards and duck whistles, or the Housewives of New York, unless Ivanka becomes a housewife.

Good luck, godspeed to all of you. But, take my advice and jump off this cliff, before it’s too late (especially you, Breitbart guy and Stephen Miller). 


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Comey, 6’8″ tall, would be a terrific power forward on the FBI basketball team

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