Matty, We Hardly Knew Ye as Mets Suspend Matt Harvey For Three Days

Published on: 8th May, 2017


Matty, We Hardly Knew Ye as Mets Suspend Matt Harvey For Three Days  | read this item

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This is what happens in New York, particularly, when a new “star” comes onto the horizon, captivating sports fans and casual fans who just think the star is also a sex symbol.

Matt Harvey’s career with the Mets should have, by all rights, been the stuff of Hall of Fame caliber. He came in with a 98 mph fastball, the cockiness of a 10-year veteran who had been dominating hitters his entire career, and the admiration of baseball fans who admired his talent and non-baseball fans, especially the ladies, who just thought he was hot.

Matt Harvey’s future with Mets is in doubt after suspension


The problem is, Matt Harvey began to believe the headlines and, the attention he was receiving, especially off the field. He forgot what got him into the position of esteem he suddenly found himself in. His pitching skill. His on-field performance. The hard work that went into becoming a baseball star.

Yes, he gained a lot of weight in 2015, poundage noticed by everyone but certainly, a rare occurrence in the career of a young, hungry athlete who had not yet gotten his big payday yet, because of the vagaries of the major league baseball agreement between owners and players, in which the owners have full ownership over the players and their salaries for the first five years of their major league career.









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