Knicks Lose Third Home Game in a Row to Lowly 76ers

Published on: 23rd January, 2014


Woodson looks to the skies for help.   | read this item

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New York — There don’t seem to be any positive signs around these New York Knickerbockers for this season. Not after yet another loss to one of the worst teams in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers, with the proud record of 13-28 coming into tonight’s contest at Madison Square Garden.

Behind Evan Turner’s career-high 34 points, the Sixers sent the Knicks to their fifth straight loss and third in a row of this all-important homestand, 110-106. In dropping the Knicks to a season-low record of 15-28, the Sixers appeared to be what other teams around the NBA are to the Knicks – too young, too talented, too quick, and too good for this Knicks roster of players.

The NBA schedule said the Knicks had to play eight games in succession on their home court this month. The first three have gone down in disaster for Mike Woodson and his crew, with losses to the Clippers and to the Brooklyn Nets preceding tonight’s sad result.


Woodson looks to the skies for help.

Woodson looks to the skies for help.

The Knicks are now shockingly one loss away this season from matching their total losses last year, 28.

“This is the time right here to make up ground and we’re not,” guard J.R. Smith┬ásaid. “We’re playing better on the road than we are at home and it should be the other way around if anything.”

Sixers first-year coach Brett Brown knows he has a young, inexperienced team and expects to lose his share of games as his kids learn how to play NBA basketball. Any win for his club is a thrill and a learning experience.

“Our team was good tonight. We played good team defense and we ended it with rebounds,” 76ers coach Brett Brown said. “So I’m happy that we came in here and found a way to get a win and it was through our defense.”

Brown knew the Knicks were coming off of bad losses and was fully expecting an angry, motivated Knicks team to hit the court tonight. Instead, he got what Knicks fans have been witnessing all season. No sense of urgency, no sense of pride, no sense of really caring if they win or lose.

Brown said he expected to see an “angry team” that wanted to fix things. Instead, the Knicks started slowly and finished poorly.

“I really don’t know what it is, why we can’t play well on our own home court,” Carmelo Anthony said. “This should be the time where we gain some momentum, gain some confidence as a team playing here on our own home court, but that don’t seem like it’s the case right now.”

Whatever the reasons are, Woodson has yet to find the solutions. It may lead to his being replaced before this season comes to an end, despite what mercurial owner, James Dolan recently pronounced regarding no firings or trades happening this year.

There are five more games remaining on this homestand. If the Knicks do not win their share of those games, the drum beat for Woodson’s job will beat louder, for sure.

Knicks owner, James Dolan, promised no trades or firings

Knicks owner, James Dolan, promised no trades or firings


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