Let’s Not Get That Excited About the Knicks Just Yet

Published on: 7th December, 2013


Knicks coach Mike Woodson coached Kidd last season, and beat him by 30 this season  | read this item

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New York — Things have taken a turn for the better for one of the professional basketball teams in the New York area. But, it says here, don’t cancel your vacation plans in the late spring to take in any NBA playoff games. Not quite, yet.

The Knicks may have one two games in a row this week but these victories may well say a lot more about the teams they beat than about themselves.

In defeating the hapless Brooklyn Nets, they essentially beat a team while it’s down. Way down. You have to give Brooklyn a lot of props. They know how to do some things with fanfare and aplomb, like hiring famous coaches and famous players. They just don’t do the follow-up part, the meat and potatoes of a sports franchise, very well. You know, the winning thing.

Brooklyn hired Jason Kidd with such fanfare and excitement, partially because of the way they grabbed him away from the Knicks, but also because its new head coach is a surefire legend and Hall of Famer (as a player). It was a very good public relations move. Kidd replaced P.J. Carlesimo, a good and decent man who did a very fine job last season after he replaced the fired Avery Johnson early in the year. Carlesimo is less of a “brand name” than Kidd but clearly, to this point, more of a coach.

The Nets then brought in the great stars from the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, along with Jason Terry. The only problem the Nets and Kidd didn’t foresee was that the great stars of a decade ago had become relics of what they used to be.

Kidd has discovered wearing a suit and tie on the sidelines does not a coach make. The only thing Kidd has made is a terrible mess with his team, now mired with a 5-14 record and nothing on the horizon it’s going to get any better for them. He is stuck with the multi-year contracts of Garnett, Pierce (currently out with a broken hand), and Terry with little chance of improving this roster in the near future.

The boos have started at Barclay’s Center very early in Kidd’s tenure, never a good sign for an icon in the sport like J. Kidd. There’s no truth to the rumor that the booing section is being led by former Nets and Pistons head coach, Lawrence Frank, who was, until recently Kidd’s assistant coach in Brooklyn.

Kidd put a kibosh on Frank’s career in Brooklyn a few days ago by firing his old friend. Well, not exactly firing him but asking him never to show up for practices or games, ever again. Instead, Kidd decided to have Frank earn his $1,000,000 salary by submitting reports every day about the opposing teams Brooklyn will be facing. And, if you believe that’s what Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokorov wanted Frank to do for his million bucks per year, I can sell you some good Russian vodka, really cheap.

Last night, the Knicks beat an Orlando Magic team at Madison Square Garden that looks to have a bright future with a bright, young coach in Jacques Vaughn. But, the future is not now. With only a couple of NBA-top quality players on their roster like Aaron Aflalo and Victor Oladipo along with a couple of kids who have a chance to be decent role players someday, the Knicks didn’t exactly face the Boston Celtics of Bill Russell and Tommy Heinsohn. But, the Knicks did win by 30, as they defeated the Nets by the same number in their previous game, so perhaps we are seeing the beginnings of a more confident Knicks team.

Just don’t cancel those vacation plans, quite yet.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson coached Kidd last season, and beat him by 30 this season

Knicks coach Mike Woodson coached Kidd last season, and beat him by 30 this season

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