Urlacher Retires From Football, Jenny McCarthy, His Ex-GF, Tweets About It

Published on: 22nd May, 2013


Urlacher Retires From Football, Jenny McCarthy, His Ex-GF, Tweets About It  | read this item

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New York — Brian Urlacher, the Chicago Bears great linebacker, announced his retirement today but who can forget his girlfriend at the time, entertainer Jenny McCarthy, taking center stage during the controversial and final negotiations between the Bears and her linebacker boyfriend this past winter.

During those acrimonious contract meetings, when the Bears had a decidedly lower number in mind to pay Urlacher than he was willing to work for, it eventually lead to the team announcing it had ended Urlacher’s career in Chicago and there would be no further negotiations. This is when Urlacher’s girlfriend at the time, the ex-Playboy model McCarthy, spoke up loudly and publicly about the event.

McCarthy, the actress//talk show host/and former friend of Jim Carrey had dated Urlacher last year but was also a born and bred Chicagoan, having grown up on the South Side of Chicago. She wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times that the Bears’ offer to Urlacher didn’t match what he is capable of. She also said Urlacher’s comments in 2012 about “not caring about the fans” were taken out of context, as reported by Chicago’s NBC affiliate.

“There were some negative comments from fans and columnists about a quote earlier in the season where Brian said he ‘didn’t care about the fans,’ which left some people very bitter,” McCarthy wrote.” I think his fan comment was taken out of context. I believe he was trying to defend Lovie (Chicago Head Coach Lovie Smith) during a losing streak and it came out wrong. Last summer, everywhere I went with Brian, he stopped and signed every autograph and took pictures with fans. He loved the fans as much as he loved football.”

McCarthy’s willingness to speak up on behalf of Urlacher was a nice gesture, especially since they broke up soon after. And today, on her Twitter account, McCarthy wrote the following:

Jenny McCarthy ‏@JennyMcCarthy1h
Our superhero @BUrlacher54 retired today. Amazing career. Amazing guy. Thank you for the joy you brought to Chgo & to the game for 13 yrs.

Pretty classy, wouldn’t you say?

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