Mandel’s Musings – Football, Baseball, and Basketball Come Together At the Same Time

Published on: 8th August, 2012


Olympic baskets
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New York — Terry Collins deciding not to pinch-hit for Jonathan Niese in the fifth inning of tonight’s loss to Miami with two out and men on second and third and the Mets down by two runs tells you all you need to know – Collins doesn’t want to put the game in the hands of the bullpen. Can’t blame him but Alderson’s lack of bullpen help has put his manager at a distinct disadvantage. All season.

Pressure Is On Terry And The Mets

Wonder if Joe Girardi still sees the need to play all of his managerial moves by the “book,” now that his Yankees are only 4 ½ games ahead of the Orioles?

Here’s the thing about Boomer Esiason pronouncing that Tebow should be cut by the Jets. Boomer is a good guy but other than the one year he led his Bengals to the Super Bowl, where he got thrashed by the 49ers, his quarterback skills led his teams to absolutely nowhere. Not even close to anywhere. Meanwhile, there are athletes who seem to have these indefinable intangibles that make them winners. Anyone who remembers Joe Kapp, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings who led his team to four Super Bowls in the 1970s will remember a guy who could do nothing particularly well as an NFL quarterback. He couldn’t pass, he couldn’t run, he couldn’t even look good doing all of those things poorly. He just wasn’t much of an athlete. But, he won lots of games and came THIS close to winning the ultimate game four different times. So, let’s not jump on the Esisason bandwagon so fast. The cool, blonde bomber, Boomer, went kaboom as the Jets quarterback for several years. Tebow took Denver to the playoffs and won a playoff game in his first year as a starter.

Pressure Is On Tebow

Can’t wait for the Knicks season to start. Will Anthony be the LeBron James of the New York market or will he abdicate his intensions to be the leader of a great team in NYC to the more solid team player, the one who plays in Brooklyn. Deron Williams. The point is, it’s not good enough to be a streaky shooter or a guy who says he isn’t afraid to take the last shot of games. It’s really important though, in this town, to be a winner. Taking your team to a championship is what gets remembered here. Not having what it takes to win the big prize, like Patrick Ewing, is where the legacy will eventually end up. No matter what kind of stats you put up.

Pressure Is On Melo And the Knicks

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