Mandel’s Musings: WFAN’s Carton Lowers The Media Bar Every Day

Published on: 30th March, 2012


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Mandel's Musings: WFAN's Carton Lowers The Media Bar Every Day  | read this item

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New York — I don’t make a habit of applying personal attacks on others, unless they are so useless and unaware of their pathetic-ness. Then, I feel a need to use this platform to express my opinion of just how scummy a personna an individual conveys.

I don’t personally know this morning dude on WFAN radio in NYC, Craig Carton, and believe me, I will never aspire to meet a shmuck like him but this guy’s on-air treatment today, of former Tiger Woods swing coach, Hank Haney, was beyond despicable.

Calling Haney “pond scum” and a bunch of other names without fear of retribution like a high school sophomore whose best friend is the
school’s middle linebacker, Carton not only diminished WFAN as a place for listeners to gain journalistic insights, he lowered the boom on his partner, Boomer Esiason, by his very association with him.

Carton is a balding, unattractive 39-year old radio guy whose media career was a series of small-market flounderings until he somehow (people in the business have no idea how) hooked up with the former NFL quarterback, Esiason to get on The Fan’s morning drive time show.

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