Posada Should Play Next Year

Published on: 7th September, 2011


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New York – It’s not just because a great Yankee deserves to leave the game on his own terms. The history of baseball and of this franchise is littered with ignominious goodbyes to it’s icons before the players were ready to leave. But, in the case of one Jorge Posada, unless he’s lost the fire for the game or simply doesn’t want to do the necessary work to maintain his major league skills, the man should come back next year, with another contending American League team.

Posada is a man of great pride and still has a passion for excellence. His sporadic playing time this season has been a heart-breaker for this 13-year veteran. Whatever reasons Yankees manager Joe Girardi has for taking away Posada’s catching gear and turning the five-time All-Star into little more than a dugout cheerleader, one thing remains extremely clear in this, Posada’s 40th year on earth.

The man can still do damage to major league pitching with a bat in his hand.

Although his overall batting average of .239 is nothing to brag about, Posada, since June has been about the same hitter as he consistently demonstrated since coming up to the majors in 1996.

In 182 at bats since June 1st, Posada is hitting .291 (23 points above his lifetime average) to go along with 7 home runs and 24 RBI. Projected out to a typical Posada near 500 at-bat season, the old catcher would be delivering 17 homers, about 70 RBI and a batting average most major leaguers would crave.

Yes, it was a well-known fact Posada’s receiving and throwing skills
had diminished but the veteran rarely embarrassed anyone on the field. Girardi and the Yankee organization simply decided Posada’s playing days were winding down as an everyday starter and the backup catcher position had to be focused on a player with superb defensive skills, something no longer in Posada’s bailiwick.

But, the man can swing the bat.

His overall 13-homer, 40 RBI tally so far this season in 300 at bats isn’t bad but Posada has always been a streaky hitter. DHing for a few games then being sat down for a week or more has done nothing for his timing or batting eye. But, he’s shown enough this season to merit another contending team in need of leadership in the clubhouse and a switch-hitting bat with catching skills taking a chance on him.

If he were 30-years old instead of 40, there would be several suitors for his services this coming off-season. For one huge reason:

The old warhorse can still turn on a fastball.

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