Mets Can Change Perceptions, And Quickly

Published on: 5th April, 2011


Mets Can Change Perceptions, And Quickly  | read this item

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New York — A few early season wins and the financially-plummeting New York Mets can begin to open a few eyes among their fans and among other teams in the National League.

With two out of three wins in Florida to open the season, new Mets manager Terry Collins has his team on the right track. But, tonight comes the beginning of a more challenging enterprise – a three game series against the Philadelphia Phillies in Philadelphia starts in a couple of hours with Cole Hamels going against the Mets Chris Young.

Imagine what a win would do for the confidence of this shattered franchise?

Much of the credit must go to Collins, who’s enthusiasm for the game and for his players is unabashed.

“He has hit all the right notes,” says Sandy Alderson. Of course, Alderson has every reason to be supportive. He’s the one who hired Collins and has a lot at stake with his decision to bring in a 61-year old baseball lifer to instill a little discipline and passion in his 20-something players.

So far, it’s working.

“I’m not sure how much higher (energy) you can get with Terry,” a grinning David Wright said recently. “I wouldn’t expect it to be too much higher without him having a heart attack.”

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