Jets’ Ryan Could Be Flaming Out Of A Job

Published on: 23rd December, 2010


Jets' Ryan Could Be Flaming Out Of A Job

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan talks about his wifes shoe fetish during a press conference after practice. Original Filename: AJT_5765.JPG  | read this item

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The Foot Fetish Fiasco, or FootGate, or whatever you want to call this latest Jets mess, forced Rex Ryan to stand in front of his players first thing Wednesday morning and deliver a much different kind of speech than the emotional one that got them so fired up the night before the game in Pittsburgh last weekend.

Ryan nearly cried Saturday night as he implored his players to save the season.

He probably felt like crying Wednesday, too.

Ryan spoke in general terms at the team meeting, and never discussed the specifics of the reports that his wife Michelle appears in foot fetish videos and in particular the one with her feet hanging out the window of her SUV. In that award-winning documentary, Ryan reportedly makes his off-camera acting debut while having a suggestive conversation with his wife about her feet. Ryan’s private life is his own business, but making a video that becomes public would show an incredible lack of good judgment for someone in such a high-profile position.

So, as the Jets attempt to nail down a playoff spot, the players were asked Wednesday about Ryan’s wife and her feet and Ryan’s affinity for them. If brutally honest, most players would probably admit that even as wacky as this season has been, they would not have anticipated this conversation a few days ago.

It’s hard to recall a more bizarre line of questioning at a news conference or in the locker room. If this was not the Jets, it would have been a bit surreal. But this is a team that acted unprofessionally toward a female reporter and has a strength coach who tripped an opposing player on the sidelines.

“It seems a lot of things have come up this year that I’ve never seen before,” guard Brandon Moore said.

A surprising number of Jets had not heard about the latest controversy when they filed in for the morning meeting. Ryan confessed to his players that, “right now I feel embarrassed,” according to Darrelle Revis. “He was embarrassed about something.”

Can you imagine the fun Patriots fans are going to have if the Jets wind up in Foxborough for the playoffs? Think of every foot joke that comes to mind and then triple it, add a few unprintable words, and that’s what Ryan can expect. Such as: Has the Jets’ footloose approach finally gone too far?

Ryan’s players, however, had his back. On the field, nobody teased him about the story.

For now, Ryan is getting the full support of his bosses, whose patience has been tested by the bizarre stuff that has gone on this season. The Jets have had so many unique distractions – the Sal Alosi fallout is still a fluid situation – that it’s almost like they are trying to sabotage their chances of getting to the Super Bowl.

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