Mets Could Be More Interesting Team To Watch Than Yankees

Published on: 13th June, 2010


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Mets Could Be More Interesting Team To Watch Than Yankees

New York Mets' Hisanori Takahashi of Japan, delivers to a Baltimore Orioles batter during the first inning of a baseball game, Saturday, June 12, 2010, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Rob Carr) Original Filename: Mets_Orioles_Baseball_BAB102.jpg  | read this item

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New York — The 2010 baseball season is still young, but not quite that young anymore. There remain over 100 games to play but from the first 60 or so, one unassailable fact has been yielded. This major league season is going to be an exciting one for fans here around New York City and its environs, but particularly so for the Mets and their loyalists.

The surprising (maybe shocking?) Mets are now in second place, just one and a half games behind the equally surprising Atlanta Braves in the National League East division. All of a sudden, the downtrodden but, in recent years, decidedly unlovable Mets have turned around what initially appeared to be a season on a path of countdowns to managerial and general managerial firings. We’ve come full circle from how dumb Mets management has been to how sharp they are.

Disengaged from their fan base because of three consecutive and horrific end-of-season disappointments, high-ticket prices for a poor on-field product, a variety of disastrous public relations goofs (see Omar Minaya at any press conference, Mets medical staff decisions, player unrest expressed in the media) and enduring consistent criticism from such on-air voices of their own flagship radio station as Mike Francesa of WFAN-AM, the Metsies have a chance to become the darlings of New York’s baseball summer.

They hustle for manager Jerry Manuel. Their team chemistry appears better than it’s been in many years with the subtraction of such lovable louts as Billy Wagner, Carlos Delgado, Brian Schneider, and Ryan Church. It will be interesting to see how the personality of this team adjusts to the return of Carlos Beltran, old smiley himself and the unwanted and unnecessary Oliver Perez, when he comes off the disabled list.

As currently constituted though, the Mets are  likable and fun to watch, particularly with the core of their team, Jose Reyes and David Wright now combining with newcomers Jason Bay, the kid first baseman Ike Davis, Jeff Francoeur, the catching platoon of Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco, and a re-discovered starting pitching staff giving them a chance to win every day.

The Yankees have always been expected to win, and have been doing just that all season long. The fact Tampa Bay has been on a streak since Day One has not discouraged the Yankees or its fans one bit. No one connected with the team expects their current second-place standing in the American League East division to continue much longer. In fact, Tampa Bay is now beginning its descent back to reality as the Yankees, now a 1/2 game behind the Rays, and the Red Sox are playing as they were expected to.

Those expectations of Yankee pennants and annually contending for a championship are exactly why the Mets become the more interesting story this summer. When you’re at the top and your sole job is to stay there, the only element that could add pizzazz to the storyline is a bunch of injuries capable of derailing the inevitable march to a championship. Or, having your 35-year old shortstop all of a sudden showing his age. Now, that would be fascinating to watch.  

So, hold onto to your hats, NY baseball fans. It’s going to be a long, bumpy, but very fun ride this summer, particularly for the team from Queens. After all, aren’t roller-coasters usually more exciting than Ferris Wheels?  

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