Mandel’s Musings – LT Unable to Avoid Missteps, Calhoun Re-Ups For Five More Years

Published on: 7th May, 2010


Mandel's Musings - LT Unable to Avoid Missteps, Calhoun Re-Ups For Five More Years  | read this item

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New York – Lawrence Taylor will be the first one to admit he hasn’t done nearly so well in the game of life as he did in the games, themselves. But, no one who knows LT sees him being capable of inflicting the sort of violence perpetrated on that Bronx teenager who was a runaway since March.

Sadly, the primary facts of this case including the paying of the 300 dollars to the teenage girl for sex that Taylor acknowledged doing, the used condom in the room, and the existence of Rashid Davis, the Bronx man who acted as the young woman’s pimp make this a difficult defense for the former Giant Hall of Famer.

Some lawyers have gone on record as believing this case can be negotiated without a trial and lead to no jail time for Taylor. Other legal beagles have stated that old number 56 is looking at four years in prison if the prosecution can prove he had sexual intercourse with a minor, something Taylor’s attorney frenetically denied at a hastily-called press conference yesterday. His denials makes one wonder where the used condom came from but DNA testing will solve that puzzle.

Stay tuned.

UConn extends Jim Calhoun a new contract. Calhoun is now at the age where the actual number of years he’s been alive follows his name so…..Calhoun, 67, has been suffering in recent seasons with a variety of health issues but still has the fire to bring his program back from its worst season in 20 years when the Huskies didn’t qualify for the NCAA tournament last year.

The Hall of Fame coach has won two national championships at Connecticut and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2005.

Several off-the-court issues had prompted questions about Calhoun’s future last year, and questions were raised again after he took a medical leave of absence in January, missing seven games with an undisclosed condition.

The Huskies (18-16) lost to Virginia Tech in the second round of the NIT.

New York Daily News Knicks beat writer Frank Isola tweeted today, “Jeter, A-Rod and CC Sabathia will unofficially begin recruiting LeBron to New York this weekend in Boston (Yanks play the Red Sox up in Beantown while James and his Cavaliers are getting ready to play the Celtics at the same time).

What do you guys think? LeBron leaving Cleveland or staying put?

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