Mandel’s Musings – A Few Thoughts On John Paxson, Mawae, Joe Johnson

Published on: 5th May, 2010


Mandel's Musings - A Few Thoughts On John Paxson, Mawae, Joe Johnson  | read this item

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New York – So, John Paxson apologized to Vinny Del Negro today for the altercation they had recently in Del Negro’s office when they couldn’t agree on how to use center, Joachim Noah. Paxson apologized and then fired Del Negro. Classy guy.

Orlando beats the Hawks by 43 in the opening game of their Eastern Conference semi-finals? Seems to me, New York Knick-to be, Joe Johnson needs to impose his will on this series and make those Knicks fans forget about LeBron whats-his-name coming to save their franchise.

Is the NFL practicing a little black-ball with Pro Bowler, Kevin Mawae? Yes, he’s 39 but the guy just completed a full, 16-game schedule last year for Tennessee and made his eighth All-Pro team. The little secret that maybe, NFL owners don’t want us talking about is that Mawae is the President of the NFL Players Association, very much on the opposite side of the business table from owners. How is it Alan Faneca, 33-years old and clearly not the player he used to be, gets re-signed about six minutes after the Jets dropped him from their roster but Mawae, still playing at a top of the line level, isn’t getting a whiff of interest? How exactly does this game of black ball work, again?

Rod Barajas leads the Mets to a 5-4 win over Cincy with a top of the ninth homer. He leads the team with seven home runs. Francisco Cervelli leads the Yankees last night with a 3 for 3 night and, masterful catching of A.J. Burnett. As someone who used to put on the “tools of ignorance,” you gotta love seeing the chunky, slow guys do good.  

Kobie Bryant just looks like he’s not ready to give up the title of “best player on earth” to the up and coming kid from Akron. Lakers took a 2-0 lead tonight over Utah and are ramping up the confidence thing with every win.  Let’s just skip these next couple of weeks and go right to the Lakers-Cavaliers finals.

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