Giants Are On The Brink, Season Is Just About Over

Published on: 27th November, 2009


Giants Are On The Brink, Season Is Just About Over  | read this item

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New York — It’s over, Giants fans. The schedule says there are still five games left to the 2009 season, almost a full third of the season but believe me, it’s kiss the playoffs goodbye time.

This Giants team realized sometime during the third quarter of tonight’s embarrassing 26-6 loss in Denver  that they were simply not good enough anymore so they did what we have not seen a Giants team do in many, many years. They quit. They quit on themselves, they quit on the coaching staff, they quit on defense and they quit on offense. I don’t care that their record is still 6-5, this is a team that knows it’s over.

The Giants are hurt, they’re old in certain areas, and, worst of all, they handed over the keys to this team to a quarterback with a 100 million dollar contract who isn’t a 100 million dollar caliber player. He still looks bewildered and still doesn’t have the ability to make his teammates better than they are. The family gene pool, in this regard, didn’t get passed down to Eli Manning.

Every facet of this team is now playing at non-playoff levels. The acclaimed offensive line has become swiss cheese on pass protection. The acclaimed running game is non-existent. Brandon Jacobs, who used to run over defenders with the full force of his 264 pounds, now gets brought down by one defender, more often than not.

I love David Diehl, his grit, his consistency, and his leadership skills for the past seven years he’s been a Giant but the David Diehl who’s playing this season is either playing hurt or has simply lost his ability to shift his feet and engage speed-oriented pass-rushers for the requisite 2.8 seconds an NFL quarterback needs to get off a pass without having his head taken off.  

Tom Coughlin was not a happy camper.

“We played very poorly tonight, there’s no excuse for it,” he said. “I felt we were in a position to play well, leading up to the game. We just didn’t play well. We had two drives in the second half that took us down to the fringe of the green zone but we had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. It’s very disappointing to me. It was not a good performance.”

Sometimes, in professional sports where players have long-term contracts, they’ve experienced success, and they get a little older, the disease of turning off the coach’s messages occurs. Tom Coughlin is an excellent football coach. His career record makes that clear but, he is not adverse to experiencing what all coaches go through when they’ve had the same core of players for several years. The message gets lost after a player has heard it hundreds of times. Sometimes, consciously or sub-consciously, the effectiveness of that message dissipates like one of Eli Manning’s poorly-judged passes in the Giants Stadium wind.

“We didn’t do much, we didn’t have any tempo,” Coughlin continued. “We didn’t make any plays. There was no production, obviously. It was very frustrating.”

It is not a good scenario when a team isn’t quite sure what they did to lose a game. Or a series of games, especially with the talent on this roster. The locker room was despondent.

“We couldn’t get anything going,” said Eli Manning. “We couldn’t make any big plays. We kept making mistakes that would take us out of our rhythm. We didn’t step up and play well enough.”

It’s very frustrating to go out there and perform like we did as a unit, “ said Shaun O’Hara. “You have to execute and not beat yourself. We didn’t do that.”

It’s time to start the drum beat to the end of this Giants season. It will be interesting how or if Coughlin can regain their attention for these last five weeks.

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