Phillies Sense The Injured Mets Are In Trouble

Published on: 6th July, 2009


Phillies Sense The Injured Mets Are In Trouble  | read this item

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From the N.Y. Daily News:

PHILADELPHIA – Not surprisingly, the Phillies aren’t taking any pity on the Mets following their three-game sweep over the weekend, even though they freely admit the NL East showdown hasn’t been the same since the Mets’ clubhouse turned into one of the cushiest infirmaries around. And the defending World Series champs, who have now taken five straight from the Mets, aren’t sure the matchup will be revived anytime soon.

“Our goal right now is to try and create some separation,” said Brad Lidge, who struck out the side in the ninth to close out Sunday’s 2-0 victory. “I know that everyone is always saying the Mets are the team, but really, the Braves have a great team this year and the Marlins are always there too. We’re just trying to create separation from everybody, not necessarily just the Mets.”

It’s a change of pace from the heated competition between the Phillies and Mets over the past few years, from their late-season playoff races to the back-and-forth offseason jabs about being the team to beat. The feeling with a week to go before the All-Star break?

The Mets, losers of eight of their last 10, are quickly fading as a threat in the Phillies’ clubhouse. Philadelphia and Florida are tied for the division lead, four games up on the Braves and Mets.

“Normally at the end of the season the Mets are right there with us,” Lidge added. “With the squad they have right now, it’s going to be tough. You never know what anyone’s potential is, but obviously it’s not the same guys that they normally have … I think it would be very tough if those guys don’t get healthy to make the playoffs.”

The Phillies, meanwhile, were more than happy to take advantage of the Mets’ woes for their own rejuvenation. Before returning home to face the Mets on Friday, Philadelphia had won just four of its last 18 and ended a nine-game road swing by getting swept in Atlanta.

Right now, they’re capable of doing what the Mets can’t.

“We came off a big series, winning three games the way we did, and kind of put our foot down and said, ‘Hey, you know what, it’s time for us to make the right move and get headed in the right direction,'” Shane Victorino said. “We wanted to win, and you’ve got to win these games. They’re hurt, they’re injured, but they would be doing the same thing to us if we had guys hurt.

“If they get healthy, yeah, they’re a good team,” Victorino added. “But now we can control it if we go out there and do what we need to do.”

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