NBA Draft: Sooners’ Griffin Set To Be Number One Pick

Published on: 24th June, 2009


NBA Draft: Sooners' Griffin Set To Be Number One Pick  | read this item

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New York – This Thursday, NBA Commissioner David Stern is going to addle up to the podium at Madison Square Garden at 7pm. In a moment after that, Blake Griffin is going to hear his name announced by Stern as the league’s number one pick in the 2009 Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. This simple event will transform Griffin into a multi-millionaire beyond any previous comprehension he may have had and it will make him one of the most famous athletes in the word.


So what was Blake Griffin doing today, in preparation for his life-altering event? He was playing a game of H-O-R-S-E with Subway Sandwich Shops spokesman, Jared Fogle in New York’s famed Basketball Cage, located on West 4th street and Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village.


Griffin has already begun to cash in on his talents as he recently signed on to become one of the restaurant chains’ celebrity athlete endorsers, along with Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, NBA star Tony Parker, and baseball’s Ryan Howard.


Griffin has the credentials to become one of the great players in the NBA. He is coming off a season with the University of Oklahoma in which he was named the National Player of the Year, the Wooden Award winner and a first-team All American as he led his Sooner team to the Elite 8 of the NCAA basketball tournament.


“This is a fun time and I’m enjoying it,” said Griffin. “I need to keep improving my shot and add another weapon offensively.”


As for where he would like to play, if by some strange happenstance, the Clippers trade away his rights to another team to get multiple players and draft picks, Griffin didn’t seem to have a specific choice.


“I’m ready to get it over with and get down to work,” he said. “I don’t care who I play for, I just want to play for the team that wants me to play for them. It’s a dream come true.”


This Thursday’s draft is very deep at the guard position but there are only a couple of solid big men expected to be able to contribute immediately to a team. Griffin is the best of the lot, by far, followed by the University of Connecticut 7’4” center, Hasheem Thabeet. The rest of the draft will focus on the guard position as well as on several wing players, in the 6’6” – 6’8” range.


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