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Published on: 15th February, 2009


Gone are the expensive contracts of aging stars  | read this item

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New York — A few thoughts about the little diversion in our lives we call sports.

Memo to Major League Baseball or, more specifically, the Players Association: RELEASE THE LIST OF THE OTHER 103 PLAYERS WHO TESTED POSITIVE FOR STEROID USE. The credibility of your game is at stake, now. For a sport so steeped in statistics and statistical comparisons of players from different eras, the last 15-20 years is shaping up to be a gigantic black hole in the history of the sport. Not knowing if a players’ production on the field is drug-induced or not, it is no longer an interesting part of a fan’s involvement to analyze boxscores, lifetime stats, or even, won-loss records of teams who have players who used. None of it is real. Water cooler talk should no longer include how many hits A-Rod got last night or how long that homer was. Nope, not until the sport comes clean. Completely clean.

News item: Giants place franchise player tag on running back Brandon Jacobs. Good move but here’s a better move. Get Eli Manning a terrific wide receiver to replace Plaxico Burress, should the “young man with a gun” not be allowed to bring his talents (and weaponry) to the football field next season. Manning proved conclusively last season that he is a good quarterback, not a great one. He is a player who is not capable of making his teammates better, instead, he plays better if he’s surrounded by star talent at the offensive skill positions. No shame in that. Not everyone can be Peyton or Drew or Ben, as it’s shaping up. Eli is more of team guy, a cog in the wheel, than a guy who can dominate from his position. Anquan Boldin would be a good start to propping up Eli, now headed into his sixth season. That’s a full career for lots of quarterbacks so Giants fans, he is what he is. Accept it and let’s move on from the quarterback debates that include the younger Manning.

Are you feeling the tradewinds of March Madness yet? I am. Looks to me like this could be one of the best tournaments in years. The Big East boys are smacking each other around, the hope being that this will make them tournament-tough. However, when UConn lost their best player for the season to a knee injury, it was a huge blow to the current Number 1 ranked team in the country’s chances of winning a national title.

Anybody notice the NBA’s All-Star weekend is going on? That’s what they call it, right? All-Star weekend?

Speaking of all-star games, did anyone watch the NFL Pro Bowl game from Hawaii last week? Yeah, right!!

Will someone employ Manny Ramirez?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking about baseball attendance this coming season? This may be a season where the television and radio becomes our most cost-effective connection to the games, should we choose to pay any attention to these blown-up addicts.

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